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Who we are




Creative Director

Kirstie Cowan

Kirstie is always up for a challenge, by using a creative approach in various styles to create exactly what you vision. Having worked in the corporate world since 2013 she felt limited in the design process so by become a full time freelance designer, this has allowed for endless opportunities to grow as a designer. She enjoys rustic and grunge flair with a touch of elegance!


When she is not behind the computer she can be found with her beautiful baby boy, and amazing husband.

Our Story


Owl City Graphic Design formerly Kirstie Cowan Graphic Design started in 2012 while Kirstie was in her second last year of College. Having found some amazing clients that have grown with her over her years of her college education has been a drive to pursue freelancing as a career after obtaining some field experience. 

Before Kirstie started her business on a full time basis, she obtained employment directly out of college and worked in a print shop, gaining the experience and knowledge to understand the print industry. While this was great she felt she had learned the most she could and decided to try a different part of the design field, in which she started at a corporate medical supply company, being their only graphic designer for Canada. 

Once Kirstie and her husband decided to try for a family, the decision was made for her to leave the corporate world and help her husband grow his Electrical business, all while being a stay at home mother. Once little William arrived it took some time before learning what kind of schedule would work for everyone, to be able to manage and market for Ontario Electric Works, and continue growing our clientele for Graphic Design all while taking care of a child, it has been a fun and challenging adventure.

Core Values


By consistently taking on a unique approach to any and all projects.


We just really love what we do! Design is a Passion!


With having just one designer work on your project, you will be provided with incredible value at a lower rate.


Upfront about pricing and other project costs prior to starting the job, assuring you won't be dissapointed in any costs regarding your project

Customer Service

Working with you every step of the way to assure your project is exactly what you envision, with quick responses and fast turn around.


With vast attention to detail and the drive to go the extra mile, the quality of work will be evident.



  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5, 5.5 & 6

    • Illustrator​

    • Photoshop

    • InDesign

    • Dreamweaver

  • Microsoft office

  • QuarkXpress

  • Corel Draw & Corel photo paint

  • Kentico (Website platform)

  • Flexi and Rasterlink (printing programs)

  • Knowledge and understanding in both Mac and PC

  • Self starter and very fast learner

  • Digital Photography

  • Web Design

  • Wordpress

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Click Funnels

  • Google Analytics, pages and Adwords

  • Hootsuite


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