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With companies being fiercely competitive, it is more important than ever to develop a strong brand identity. Your brand needs to be visually strong, relevant, memorable and show your companies values. Creating a strong brand will lead to life-long customers!

Are you starting a business?

Looking to re-brand your business?

Here's where to start

1. Brand Strategy

We will collaborate with you to identify all your business needs from target audience, to goals and future opportunities.

2. Visual Identity and Logo Design

This is your brand, together we will work closely to design and develop the perfect logo, colour palette and any secondary brand elements from tag lines to images.

3. Brand Guidelines

A full manual for your visual identity will be developed for future use, it will outline your branding elements which takes the guess out of future design work.

4. Asset Development

Once your brand is developed, we will then assist you in building a library of photography, illustrations or icons that you need and will need for your business.

5. Collateral

Business cards, Brochures, Signage, Vehicle Wraps, and any other designed elements you need to start selling your service/product we will create for you to ensure everything is consistent. 

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